In order to match the stiffness of oversized tubing, the fork must have a high degree of lateral stiffness. This is something I have found lacking in several of the works we have examined over the last few years. The Falz fork was designed with more lateral stiffness than virtually any other fork while retaining the compliance derived from the flat-crown design. This makes it the perfect match for the ride our steel frames are noted for. Our design starts with the traditional arc of the fork blades and continues with an updated flat-crown design. The entire process of concept and design was done in-house through evaluation of different models and solutions. The name Falz is taken from dialect for “scythe” as the side profile closely resembles that of this ancient tool. The crown resembles the design of flat-crown steel forks in order to increase the length of the fork blades and therefore the comfort. Particular attention has been paid to tire clearance. The Falz will accept tires of 25 mm width. The fork utilizes monocoque construction and is made of a single piece without gluing the sleeve to the dropouts.


The Falz fork is available in two versions – 45 mm and 50 mm rake and has a standard 1-1/8” steerer tube which will work with any standard headset utilizing this standard. It is available by request to the framebuilding trade.



Until the end of 2010 our frames accept a standard 1 1/8 headset. The diameter of the head tube for this standard varies from a minimum of 36 to a maximum of 36.5 mm for steel frames. 
This entailed a limit in terms of coupling with the down tube, as larger diameters of 36.5 requiring adapted  shaped or ellipsoid down tube in the area of the joint. 

Using a 38mm diagonal coupling was rather difficult. 
At the end of 2010 we decided to increase the diameter of the head tube in order to obtain an optimal coupling in terms of milling and coupling with the head tube, what interested us was to be able to use a down tube  free from crushed forms and adaptations as with the old diameter. 
We decided to raise this parameter up to 40.2mm, of course this has required the development of a dedicated headset. 
Chris King headset has produced a modified diameter and insertion depth set for this headtube and called it D11. 
The result is a reliable, strong and perfectly round  joint. 
During the development of the headset and the resulting head tube we have decided to increase the diameter of the down tube which now stands at 39mm in diameter. 
The new headset design a continue to use the proven bearings and components of King's standard headsets, but the cups have a larger diameter skirt where they are pressed into the head tube. Also this skirt is longer than the standard giving better support to the head tube. The shape of the cups Has Been modified to flow better with steel and / or titanium frames. 

This headset works equally well with the Falz fork and other 1-1/8” forks as the bearing sizes have not been changed. It features Chris King’s Grip-Lock fastening system as well as King’s 10-year warranty.    (thanks Nelson for the help)

D11 headset is available in black or silver anodized colors.

(thanks to Darren Crisp for the photo)



D11 headset , dedicated head tube in low alloy steel or XCR stainless steel, reamer and facing tool are available for the framebuilder community.

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